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Tammy CalhounLogoTammy Calhoun is a seasoned educator, specializing in helping aspiring and current real estate agents. From workshops and enrichment sessions for established agents, to one-on-one mentoring and guidance for up and coming real estate agents, Tammy offers a comprehensive range of educational services.

Tammy is renowned for her dynamic and engaging teaching style. In addition to providing real estate industry professionals with the tools, strategies and lessons they need to advance their careers, Tammy also offers lessons in other areas such as public speaking, communication skills, interpersonal dynamics, leadership and teamwork, and sales strategies.

Education with Tammy CalhounIn fact, Tammy is well-known throughout the real estate industry for her unique  “common ground” sales approach. This unique approach is based upon the belief that you do not sell a property to a client, but rather, the real estate agent must identify the client’s unique needs and then, strive to fulfill those needs. It’s an innovative approach that has brought incredible results for many of her students throughout California and beyond.

Tammy is passionate about motivating business leaders and professionals in all industries, providing them with the knowledge and strategies they need to channel their energy, influence others and create positive changes in the world and in the real estate industry. She is available for hire as a keynote speaker, seminar/workshop facilitator and individual executive coach. To book Tammy Calhoun as the keynote speaker or workshop facilitator for your upcoming event, conference, convention or convention, please call 805-794-7455 or complete her event booking form; Tammy will be in touch to discuss your event.